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Management System

Commitment to enhance client investments

For each management account our executive team meets with owners to ascertain the objectives for the property. Barcus has the ability to manage a property for maximum cash flow, rehabilitation, repositioning, short term and long term appreciation and any other goals an owner might have.

Once we learn the owner’s objectives, we perform a comprehensive needs assessment. Our team’s approach to property management includes the following components.

  • Understanding the property, its physical and financial condition and the marketing potential
  • Determine how a property should be managed and when necessary change its management approach to achieve the owner’s financial objectives
  • Professional accounting including full accrual G/L accounting, fully auditable system of books and records, A/P, A/R, bank account and reconciliation management, audit coordination, reporting
  • Accurately budget both capital improvement programs and normal property operations
  • Efficiently implement all aspects for the repositioning of the property

The success of The Barcus Company, Inc. is built on our master management system, comprised of the following key elements working together in full synchronization.



Results Oriented Performance

We recognize each client’s unique goals and objectives and implement customized management plans to service each account effectively. Client goals along with internal objectives for best management drive our decisions on a daily basis.



Proven Management Principles

We operate under a highly organized, meticulously planned, and time-tested management methodology so that things run smoothly and efficiently. Our focused leadership has extensive experience in the business and successfully leads teams to targeted positive results. We keep our eye on the ball. 



Solid Management Practices

We adhere to techniques that closely track vital statistics and measure results against specific objectives, which enables us to execute properly targeted action and make timely decisions that are based on reliable information. Routine practices are designed to provide comprehensive information for analysis and follow up as needed.



Comprehensive Vision

We recognize that the human and material resources of management must work together to produce the best results. People, including staff, tenants, vendors, service providers, government, clients, and others play a vital role in our management process. We manage the interests and opportunities of each group towards thebest interests of each asset and its owner.



Commitment to Critical Components

We operate under the firm belief that highly qualified, well-trained individuals working as team members is the underlying foundation of any successful enterprise. We ensure that our personnel are regularly exposed to the most current training topics and education curriculum.

Our use of cutting edge technology such as web-based software and internal networking is an integral part of our management operations, providing many advantages for efficiency and effectiveness.

The highly competitive state of the investment real estate market demands sound property maintenance including curb appeal and superior customer service. We deliver these services with keen awareness and skills, fairness, uniformity, consistency, and compassion. We understand the delicate balance between financial performance and human relations, and are proficient at melding the two for best results.

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